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All our web hosting packages are turbo-charged by Litespeed Web Servers.

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Great solution for beginners wanting to learn how to host, build and run a website

1 Website
1GB Storage
1GB Bandwidth
One Click WordPress Installation
Free SSL Certificates
100% Renewable Energy
Bronze WordPress Hosting


10x faster WordPress hosting powered by LiteSpeed.

1 Website
10GB Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
5 Custom Email Addresses
Free SSL Certificates
One Click WordPress Installation
Daily & Weekly Backups
100% Renewable Energy

What is LiteSpeed Hosting?

In order for you to view this page a web server is required to serve it to your browser. A web server is in essence the engine that allows websites all around the world to work. Over 90% of all websites on the internet use an Apache web-server.

A LiteSpeed web-server outperforms Apache in every department, delivering higher performance and security that translates to improved page load times and an overall better user-experience for your visitors. 

Accelerate your website with LiteSpeed

With LSCache plugins, you can turbo-charge popular web apps with minimal fuss.

Precisely manage cache with LSCache’s powerful tag-based Smart Purge technology.

LSCache easily handles traffic spikes and everyday loads alike.

LiteSpeed Benchmark

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress provides powerful cache-management tools that are simply not possible for other plugins to replicate.

This translates into more page requests per second, and superior performance for your WordPress site!

Lightspeed Plugins

LSCache for WordPress
The fastest caching solution in existence, turbo charge your WordPress website with LSCache​.
LSCache for Xenforo​
LiteSpeed's cache add-on allows you to significantly speed up your forum pages, and keep your visitors' attention.
Magento LiteMage Caching
LiteMage is your go-to performance solution for steady everyday loads and major traffic spikes alike.
LSCache for Drupal 8
Unleash the full potential from your Drupal powered website with LSCache.
LSCache for Joomla
Graphical user interface control panel to manage your account, no coding knowledge required.
LSCache for OpenCart
LiteSpeed's OpenCart extension brings precise, customizable caching to your store, and delivers impressive performance at the same time.

Apache vs LiteSpeed

Traditional web hosting tend to use Apache web-servers due to it being free. LiteSpeed Web Server’s revolutionary architecture delivers more performance and above all consistent performance whilst improving TTFB by 3x.

HTTP2 Support

Our LiteSpeed web hosting servers support HTTP2 protocol that can help improve your websites overall performance. This is enabled by default for all customers.

Ready to switch to LiteSpeed?

Install and activate LiteSpeed Cache directly from WordPress.

That’s it! more advanced users can further optimise their websites page load times using LiteSpeeds Advanced settings.

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Email AccountsUnlimitedUnlimited
Disk Storage30GBUnlimited
SEO PageSpeed Features
Litespeed Web Server
SSL Certificate
Free Domain With Yearly Plan
1-Click Installer
Daily Backups
Weekly Backups
Monthly Backups
Priority Tech Support
Priority Customer Support
24/7/365 Support
Visual Website Builder
99.99% Uptime Guarantee
Multiple PHP Versions
Remote MySQL
Cache Manager
Cloud Linux
cPanel Control Panel
Security / Firewall
CloudFlare RailGun

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